Top 10 Romantic Hotels for Massage in Beijing

Finding an excellent location to enjoy  your trip to Beijing or finding the perfect venue to get your private massage in beijing can be a headache.

There is no need to travel to resorts in other countries. Beijing has many different romantic hotels for budgets of all shapes and sizes.


Top 10: Beijing Courtyard Hotel

Chinese name: 北京院子酒店

Beijing Courtyard Hotel is located on Andingmen West Street in Dongcheng District, the heart of Beijing. The hotel is close to many famous attractions, including Gulou, Yonghegong Lama Temple and Guozijian, Beijing’s oldest Imperial Academy.

The most notable characteristic of the hotel is the subtle blend of hotel and courtyard. Unlike many hotels offering a strong business atmosphere, Beijing Courtyard Hotel offers customers a cozy and relaxed environment.

Add: No.8 West Avenue, Andingmen, Dongcheng District

Tel: 4000-13-4000



Top 9: Du Ge Courtyard Boutique Hotel

Chinese name: 杜革艺术精品酒店

Located in the heart of Beijing’s trendy Nanluoguxiang Dongcheng District, DuGe Courtyard Boutique Hotel is a boutique hotel designed by Jehanne de Biolley & Harrison Liu. It combines traditional Chinese courtyards with the elegance of luxury decor.

Original antiques and contemporary art decorates the hotel’s rooms and suites, cultivating a sense of luxury and culture. Due to a comfortable, romantic and private atmosphere, the hotel has become a popular choice for parties, themed banquets and weddings.

Add: No. 26, Qianyuan Ensi Hutong, Dongcheng District

Tel: +86-10-64060686



Top 8: Ariva Beijing West Hotel & Serviced Apartments

Chinese name: 北京海润艾丽华酒店及服务公寓

Located in Zhongguancun, China’s Silicon Valley, the hotel is close to numerous attractions and famous universities including the Summer Palace, Tsinghua and Peking University, as well as the Beijing Aquarium. The hotel features luxury rooms with a stunning view.

Guests can make use of two private dining rooms, allowing for a truly private dining experience. In addition, the hotel features perfect amenities, including an indoor pool and a full-service spa.

Add: No.36, Haidian Nan Lu, Haidian District

Tel: +86-10-82652867 (Monday to Friday)

+86-10-82669999-5667/5668 (Weekend)



Top 7: Sweetlove Theme Hotel

Chinese name: 斯威特洛芙主题酒店

Established in 2008, Sweetlove Hotel was recognized as a “Top 10 hottest hotels in Beijing in 2009.”

The Zhixin Road branch of the Sweetlove Hotel is by far the most glamorous. All rooms feature a special theme, including “Love in the Forest”, “Simple Love”, “Jessica” and “Victoria’s Secret”. Room 208 is themed “One night in Beijing”.

Add: No.10 Zhixin Road, Haidian District

Tel: +86-10-82373816



Top 6: Suhoga Inn

Chinese name: 速好家巧克力主题精品酒店

Chocolate is both a symbol and messenger of love. This chocolate themed hotel in Beijing provides a perfect location for couples to relax and unwind.

The hotel looks like a huge chocolate. All rooms are unique and designed after famous international chocolates, including Swiss, Belgian, Italian, German, French and Japanese brands. For example, the hotel has Ferrero suites, Meiji snow kiss suites and French Truffles suites. In addition, the service in here is superb, and provides world-famous chocolates at an affordable price.

Add: No.31, Zuojiazhuang Beili, Chaoyang District

Tel: +86-10-64653335-8666



Top 5: Hotel G

Chinese name: 北京极栈酒店

Located in Beijing’s trendy Sanlitun district, Hotel G is an extremely sexy hotel. All 110 rooms, ranging from standard to loft-style suites, are equipped with superb facilities, including free Wi-Fi, a large bathroom complete with free standing tub and a plasma TV.

Designed by Mark Lintott, Hotel G Beijing is one of a series of luxury hotels with 60’s-inspired designs to compliment the rhythm of metropolitan life in Beijing. The excellent design has won a series of awards such as Best Design Hotel 2010 by Travel & Leisure Magazine China. In addition, the hotel offers superior service, including travel and airport pick up.

Address: No.A7 Gongtixilu Chao Yang District Beijing

Telephone: +8610-65523600



Top 4: A Hotel Beijing

Chinese name: A-Hotel酒店

Located in Workers’ Stadium, A Hotel is a ten minute walk from the restaurants, bars and clubs of Beijing’s Sanlitun district.

All 116 rooms are divided into four categories: Superior Business, Superior Standard, Superior Fashion and Luxury Business. Bathtubs are located opposite the bed, making bathing a live performance and are perfect for couples.

Address: East gate of Beijing Workers’ Stadium, Chaoyang District

Telephone: +86-10-65865858



Top 3: Park Hyatt Beijing Hotel

Chinese name:北京柏悦酒店

Located in the prestigious Beijing Yintai Centre, the tallest skyscraper on Chang’an Avenue and a symbol of the new China, the Park Hyatt Beijing Hotel is located near the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and Beihai Park.

Enjoying dinner with your lover at this luxurious hotel with an excellent view is guaranteed to be romantic. The hotel is one of the most distinguished luxury hotels in Beijing, featuring a variety of five star restaurants and bars including China Grill, one of the highest restaurants in Beijing, with a stunning 360 degree view of the city. The hotel provides 16 different kinds of rooms that can allow guests to enjoy dinner in a cozy and private environment.

Address: No. 2 Jianguomenwai Street, Chaoyang District

Telephone: +86-10-85671234



Top 2: Aman at Summer Palace

Chinese name: 颐和安缦酒店

Aman at Summer Palace, a luxury resort, boasts a perfect location as well as beautiful decor. Located at the East Gate of the Summer Palace, it was built encompassing several courtyards, some of which have over 100 years of history.

The hotel offers a feeling of dignified ambience, and absorbs the traditional characteristics of Chinese architecture. Whilst every modern comfort has been provided, the design embraces Imperial Chinese layouts, materials and fabrics. More importantly, it provides an ideal private environment for lovers. The resort has a variety of dining options, an extensive spa and a wide range of recreational facilities.

Address: 1 Gongmenqian Street, Summer Palace, Haidian District

Telephone: +86-10-5987 9999



Top 1: Legendale Hotel Beijing

Chinese name: 北京励骏酒店

Which is the most romantic city in the world? Most people will say Paris. The Legendale Hotel Beijing can make you experience a romantic and cozy European environment without traveling abroad. Located in the heart of Beijing, the hotel is close to many famous historical sites, including Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Drum and Bell Towers.

The hotel’s exterior is reminiscent of a 19th century building in downtown Paris. The multiple-domed roof is covered with decorative turrets, while delicate lacing frames windows to create a spectacular street side vista unlike any other in Beijing. In order to give guests the most authentic European environment, the hotel is furnished with antique furniture and decorations from Europe, creating a truly opulent, neo-classical ambiance.

Address: No. 90-92 Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District

Telephone: +86-10-8511 3388


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